The «I CICLAMINI» estate is a residential hotel built in the middle of a charming landscape composed of woods, meadows, hills, lakes, located about 16 km south of Todi.

The structure with its medieval architectural forms, has a garden of over one acre; surrounded by fenced pastures with grazing horses, two small lakes rich in fish and sports facilities equipped for horse racing and a football field (length 100 meters).

Beyond these facilities begin forests of cyclamen and fauna and flora that has remained intact for centuries.



Adjacent to the estate (two kilometres) there are the medieval villages (around one thousand years AD) Toscolano, Santa Restituta and Melezzole.

Also nearby (eight kilometres) you can visit the fossil forest that dates back to the Mesozoic era of the dinosaurs, one of only two left in the world, and the Roman city of Carsulea, rich in archaeological remains and crossed by the old Via Flaminia. Furthermore, not to be forgotten, the famous towns of Spoleto and Orvieto.

In less than an hour’s drive it is possible to visit the cities of Perugia, Assisi, Spello, Gubbio and the beautiful unspoilt Val Nerina, along with the towns of Norcia and Cascia.

The hotel structure unfolds in a series of houses and towers that form an ancient village configured as a campus with a large central garden.