Equestrian Centre

The Equestrian Centre of the “Ciclamini Estate” is set among 120 acres of chestnut woods and silent pastures, streams and lakes, charming villages, and features a ring, a 20×60 riding ground in sand, wood and brick stables, numerous paddocks surrounded by greenery and 15 well trained horses for riding in the countryside.

The position of “Ciclamini Estate” is in itself a great gift for the soul: the hills and endless trails, the possibility of reaching historic sites such as Orvieto, Todi and Amelia on horseback provides a spectacle that is a source of excitement every day.

Our coach

An affiliate of F.I.S.E. (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports) it is run by federal technician Fabio Angeluzzi.

The type of mount is English and horses, that are taken care of each day by two Argentine gauchos – Juan and Manuel – are tamed and trained in a gentle manner, they are reliable, docile and accustomed to any kind of trail.

The philosophy of the centre is to take advantage of the holiday to improve the quality of life.

Through contact with the horse we try to bring guests closer to nature in attempt to raise awareness of the sensitivity, elegance and dignity of this magnificent animal in order for it to become the star of your holiday.

We organize trekking throughout the year at various levels, both for beginners and experienced riders.

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